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Our mission is a courageous one because we want to make a difference.

At Winarrow we want to leave a footprint of value, of goodness and of leadership.

In fact, these are our values

Winning Is
What We Do Best

Success Without
Integrity Is Failure

Passion Is Better
Than Coffee

Candor Is

Be The Change That
Creates A Better World

If It Is To Be,
It’s Up To Me

Level Up

Good Is The Enemy
Of Great

Best Ideas Come
From Deep Thinking


Consistently we strive to become better reflections of these as a group and as individuals.

So what do we actually do?

We are a company specialized in new technologies and marketing in the online space.

We provide goods that range from information to healthcare supplements … and even to a social media platform.

Here are three of our brands:


At Cell Grail, our mission is “Provide the best solutions to help people be healthier and live longer”. We have a big desire of bringing the best health supplements and information. We have seen crystal clear evidence from first person experience to thousands of testimonials from our clients, that amazing opportunities that heal people exist. We research and produce the best programs and protocols to address some of the most pressing issues when in comes to healthcare, because many times the establishment doesn’t have good answers. We are convinced there’s a better way and we are proud to invite you to share our mission at


Qooiver is a social media platform that allows its users to share their authentic passions.
We created a social experience where the user creates and posts what he or she likes and the interactions revolve around subjects of interest. It’s available for free and you can find more information on

Coming Soon: Ciprian Pintea Clothing Brand

We are working with Sacred Geometry to bring the latest fashion trends. Our clothing is the best quality in the world using hand made silk, Egyptian cotton, organic materials and Japanese denim. Everything is infused with love and blessings.

Who are we?

We are an international company that has infrastructure, collaborators and work force in USA, Switzerland, Hong Kong, Romania, Israel, etc.

Many of our people have a remote or hybrid (work from office and work from home) schedule to prioritise effectiveness.

We constantly try to defy existing boundaries so we open to having people have flexible schedules and commutes, if they deliver on the expectation. Great companies not only learn how to win financially, but also ensure their people get a great treatment and are socially responsible with the whole world.

That’s why we want our team to work from passion, to have real drive and empowerment to learn and succeed and be a force for the Good. The sky is the limit. We want to be surrounded by winners, not by office drones. We treat our people as we want to be treated. Each person has the opportunity to become a partner in the company, in case they bring enough value to justify it.

Who can join us?

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People that have a lot of drive and of passion to bring the best in them and fight for a cause of greatness and of value.

We have high expectations when it comes to our people because at Winarrow we require excellence.

So if you have energy, intelligence, integrity; if you share our values; if you think you can be a leader, we welcome you contact us.

If you dare charge and change the establishment with us, we welcome you onboard!